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In Bangladesh, the most popular vehicle is Motorcycle and also all over the world. Motorcycles are becoming more popular day by day in Bangladesh.


This article will let you know all updated Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh or in modern way we can say Bike Price In BD with the latest motorbike and scooter reviews.


All you have to do is go through motorcycle brand pages like Suzuki Bike Price In BD or Yamaha Bike Price In BD, then you will discover available bikes of Suzuki or Yamaha. So let’s jump into the deep.

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Latest Motorcycle Price List In Bangladesh

About Motorcycle In Bangladesh / Bike Price In BD

One of the most loved vehicles in Bangladesh is the motorcycle. You will find updated Bike Price In BD with reviews and the latest scooter & motorbike price updates. All available bike brands are listed in the BD showrooms. You can also find specifications and images on every page. You can find all the Honda Bikes prices for Bangladesh by simply entering the motorcycle brand page such as Honda.  


It is a great way to get information before you buy a motorcycle. Motorbikes are a popular choice in both our country and worldwide. Here are the Bangladeshi Motorcycle Prices. We also have the most up-to-date information. Nowadays, a motorcycle is an essential item.

Top Motorcycle Company Bangladesh Right Now

It can be difficult to buy a bike. Although there are many tips and tricks to help you buy a motorcycle, the most important thing is the price.


The most important factor when purchasing a motorcycle is its price. It might be difficult to locate the latest motorcycle price in Bangladesh. 


Prices are not constant variables and they change all the time. We have tried to collect all Bangladesh bike prices 2021 in one page. The brands are also sorted.


This will make it easy to locate the right bike for you. The market for motorcycles keeps changing. There are always new bikes in the market. 


In the list of Bangladeshi Motorcycle 2021, we are about to discuss some of the major motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and also about Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh 2021.

Honda Motorcycle

Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle and automotive brands in the whole world, and their journey in Bangladesh is also a really remarkable one (Source).


Honda offers many different types of motorcycles. From one of the most popular Sports bikes, Honda CBR150R to a naked sports motorcycle Honda CB Hornet 160R, and Honda Dream Neo 110, Honda is offering all the genres in the play.


BHL gives cashback and offers on Honda Bike Prices In Bangladesh. Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd. set up their factory at Bangladesh, where they started making motorcycles. 


Currently, they are producing two models – Honda Livo and Honda Dream Neo (Source). So hopefully, Honda will start producing more models there and the Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh will be reduced than what it is right now.

Yamaha Motorcycle

Yamaha is one of the oldest motorcycle companies in Japan (Source). They began their lives as musicians, but eventually became engineers and made engines and motorcycles. 


They were great at it and quickly became one among the most successful and popular motorcycle brands. Despite having some commuter options, Yamaha is a premium motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and Yamaha Bike Price in BD reflects this claim.

Yamaha places a lot of emphasis on the latest technology in its latest models. 


Yamaha motorcycles Bangladesh has a completely new vibe than most other motorcycle brands. Yamaha Bike Price can be a little high when compared with other bikes, but Yamaha has the fastest time to create new models and offer the most advanced features. Yamaha also offers the best control and monitoring. Yamaha is still the most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh.

Suzuki Motorcycle

Suzuki is probably one of the very few Japanese motorcycle companies who are maintaining their position in the middle ground (Source). Suzuki Bike Price Bangladesh: The price is very competitive with many other brands.


Also, they have high-quality control. Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh moves a lot mainly because the company gives out offers on a regular basis, and these offers surely help bike enthusiasts to go for their favorite bike.

Bajaj Motorcycle

The most amount of motorcycles sold in Bangladesh are from Indian brands, and the most popular Indian motorcycle brand in Bangladesh is definitely Bajaj Motorcycles (Source). 


Uttara Motors helped Bajaj start their journey in Bangladesh over a long time ago. Bajaj Bike Pricing In Bangladesh is one the most popular prices in Bangladesh. This is mainly due to the huge range of products and the many service centers spread throughout the country.


Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh moves up and down sometimes because Bajaj introduces new models in Bangladesh on a regular basis, and they also introduce new versions of their existing models. 


Bajaj Bike prices in Bangladesh are also reduced often due to different offers from the company. And one of the best things about Bajaj Motorcycle Deals in Bangladesh is that they provide unique offers.


Bajaj Pulsar remains one of most popular motorcycles in the region. In Bangladesh, the newer models of Pulsar are also being introduced.

Hero Motorcycle

Hero, a popular motorcycle brand, is well-known in Bangladesh. Hero Bike price in Bangladesh was within everyone’s reach when they started manufacturing bikes there. (Source).


Hero started manufacturing motorcycles in Bangladesh in recent years, and now they offer more bikes for commuters than any of their competitors.  


Hero offers a vast product range. Prices in BD, particularly the Hero commuter motorbikes, are the best prices you can find on the market. Hero is now one of the largest Indian motorcycle brands in Bangladesh.

TVS Motorcycle

TVS was a brand whose target customer base was commuter riders of Bangladesh (Source). The introduction of 150 and 160cc motorbikes in Bangladesh has allowed them to offer a wider range for all types of bikers.


TVS Bike prices were always reasonable and they are constantly lowering their prices. TVS Motorcycle Bangladesh received a boost from the introduction of 160cc models at a very attractive price. The new and cheaper pricing has put In BD in a position where the competition is really challenged.

Runner Motorcycle

Runner Motors Limited was established in 2004 and is a subsidiary of the Runner company. Runner Motorcycles has become one of Bangladesh’s most loved motorcycle companies. 


Runner used a motorcycle import business to distribute models from Dayang, Freedom and other countries. They built motorcycles in Bangladesh several years ago and can now offer bikes at a very high price.


Runner Motors Limited makes bikes for Bangladesh. They manufacture bikes with higher cc engines, like 250 to 400cc motorcycles, and export them in Nepal and other countries.

Runner Motorcycles are well-known for their excellent value for money and easy installment system.


Runner was the first company that offered motorcycle installments without requiring credit cards. Runner motorcycles don’t just focus on commuters. The bikes are well-received by users.

Kawasaki Motorcycle

Kawasaki may be the most innovative in engineering and performance motorbikes. They have become a popular Japanese brand for their focus on performance and quality. 


Kawasaki officially launched their journey into Bangladesh in 2018 with the help of Asian Motors Ltd. Soon after, they opened their flagship showroom.


Kawasaki Motorcycles Bangladesh does not have a large range of bikes, but they do have performance-oriented bikes. Kawasaki Bangladesh has a variety of dirt bikes, dual-sport bikes, street dweller bikes, Sports, and naked sport bikes. 


Kawasaki bikes in Bangladesh are not very well-known due to the high price. Kawasaki bikes are premium, performance bikes. Furthermore, they are imported in CBU conditions. 


Kawasaki Motorcycles therefore have higher prices. Kawasaki plans to introduce more motorcycles in addition to upcoming models. Kawasaki Riders will be more popular in Bangladesh as they are a trusted brand.

Benelli Motorcycle

Benelli is a motorcycle brand that dates back to the beginning of time. They relaunched their journey through Bangladesh in 2018, thanks to Aftab automobiles. Benelli’s journey began in 1911 with six Italian brothers.


They created this company and produced many great bikes. Benelli, a bike manufacturer from Italy, produced some great bikes, but was in serious financial loss in 1988. Benelli’s days were somewhat better when the company was sold by Biesse group. They began to produce scooters and made other types of bikes. 


Benelli became part of the Chinese QJIANG organization in 2005.They’ve been in business under this Chinese name since 2005 and they continue to maintain their quality, fame, projects, and brand. Benelli is known for its TNT series, and especially the TNT1130, which is the definition liter street bike. They have the Benelli 165S in Bangladesh and the TNT 150.

Keeway Motorcycle

Keway, a Hungarian motorcycle manufacturer, is now under the QJIANG Group. They’re very popular in Europe, with a broad product range covering many different segments. Even though they work in small displacements of cc, the bikes range from 100-250cc. 


People love their 125cc commuters. In Bangladesh, Keeway motorcycles are officially imported by Aftab Automobiles. They import commuter bikes like RKS, K-Light cruiser bikes, scooters like KBlade, and sports bikes like Keeway RKR. They cover most of the motorcycle segments in Bangladesh. With their extensive dealer network and excellent service, Keeway motorcycles are very popular among mass bikers.

Lifan Motorcycle

Lifan is a division of Lifan Group. It is one of China’s most popular automobiles producers. They make all kinds of automobiles, including great bikes. Rasel Industries Ltd. Lifan Motorcycles Bangladesh’s official importer. 


They carry many models, of which Lifan KPR the most well-known is. Lifan KPR was the first Chinese-made bike in Bangladesh and it caught the eye of all Bangladeshi Bikers.


With its excellent build quality, and exceptional performance, it quickly became a favorite among bikers of Bangladesh. Lifan has been one the most loved Chinese motorcycle brands in Bangladesh due to their product range and service. However, other Chinese brands are struggling to gain popularity.

Vespa Motorcycle

Vespa may be the most famous scooter brand ever. Vespa scooters used to be available in Bangladesh long ago. KR Industries had recently brought Vespa scooters over to Bangladesh. Later, Runner Automobiles began importing Vespa motorbikes from Bangladesh. 


Vespa is a brand that only focuses on scooters. It is a subsidiary of Piaggio. This brand was established in 1946 in Italy. Vespa has a classic Italian look and style. It also has a high quality build. Vespa Bangladesh hails from India. 


Vespa Bangladesh’s emerging scooter market is making Vespa even more popular. Even the most recent Vespa models are nostalgic, especially for seniors. Modern features and sleek styling make scooters attractive to young people.

Aprilia Motorcycle

Aprilia is the most well-known Italian motorcycle brand. They have a sole focus on performance. Aprilia is home to 54 world titles, 7 SBK Titles, and a wide range of performance two wheelers.


 Aprilia began their journey making scooters in the 60’s.They became a performance-oriented motorcycle manufacturer, and later launched some of the most impressive sports bikes ever made. 


Aprilia Bangladesh is a relatively small company with a limited range of products and a weak sales network. Aprilia RS4 125, and later Aprilia Tuono 125 were first brought to Bangladesh by Motorcycle World Limited.KR Industries and Runner then brought Aprilia SR125- and SR150 Scooters to Bangladesh. 


Aprilia SR series scooters can be used as performance commuters and are capable of taking on any challenge while riding in cities. Aprilia scooters have been a hit with scooter lovers in Bangladesh.

KTM Motorcycle

KTM was one of few motorcycle companies that quickly grew to become one the most successful motorcycle companies in the entire world. KTM is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts in all segments due to its huge range of sports, dirt bikes, and naked sports.


KTM Bangladesh is home to only two KTM models: the RC125 and Duke 125 variants. Motorcycle world Ltd has brought over the European Duke 125 model, while Hafsa Mart imported the Indian KTM Duke 125 and RC125. KTM bikes Bangladesh provides the experience of a premium bike within the entry-level segment.

Things to Remember Before You Buy A New Motorcycle from Bangladesh

A new motorcycle purchase is of course a huge excitement. It is an extremely important moment in most peoples’ lives. It can be difficult to decide the right model based on your budget and needs. It is crucial to take into account other important considerations in order to make the event successful. We will be discussing these important issues in more detail Bike Price In BD.


  1. Each motorcycle has a different engine size and volume, which is called CC. Motorcycles with more horsepower don’t always have more power than motorcycles with less. This is known as CC.
  2. You will need to decide which bike is best for you before buying a motorcycle. So here are the types of bikes-traditional or standard, cruiser, touring, off-road bikes, sports, scooter and moped. You will need to learn about each motorcycle and the different features they offer before you can choose yours.
  3. Bikes with no extra plastic, also known as unfaired bicycles, are better for beginners than fared ones which have plastics.
  4. You may decide to test the bike on the road, and then ride it for 30 minutes. You will know if this is the bike for you.
  5. Dealers love cash, so it is important to offer cash in cash.
  6. You should not be surprised if you find out that you are paying a premium for a model.
  7. Ask the dealer about the control system of the motorcycle. This will let you know how much information they have about it.
  8. If you find any scratches on your bike, you will need to inform the dealer.
  9. You should inspect the engine for cracks and damage. This will indicate that it has suffered serious damage in a crash.
  10. Do your research before you go to the showroom. This will ensure that you are not faced with any problems later.
  11. The handlebars must be straight and even.
  12. You will be able to see the age of your bike if you notice a cracked seat and faded paint.
  13. Check for scratches on the bars, exhaust, plastic, and levers. If you find short, shallow or non-parallel scratches on the bars, it is normal.
  14. It is important to verify that all lights and switches work properly.
  15. The legs should not have any nicks or bends.
  16. It is necessary to get the wheels in the air and inspect the bearings. Also, look out for cracks and impacts on the rim.
  17. It is important to ensure that the motorcycle’s centerline is straight.
  18. After checking the headrace, lift the front wheel and get someone to push on the seat. Then slowly turn the bars left to right and back.
  19. You can see wear on the top of the footpegs, which indicates that the rider leans a little. If it is on the bottom, then the rider has leaned too far in corners.
  20. To check for bends in the forks, you’ll need to hold the front wheel between your knees and twist the bars.
  21. You’ll need to inspect the brakes for damage and whether they are functioning properly.
  22. When squeezed, the clutch should release.
  23. The gas tank should be inspected. Rust is fine, but dark tea colors are a sign that there is old gas.
  24. Both sides should have equal exhaust pressure. To ensure that there is no gas escaping, you can also check the joints by placing your hand close to the engine while it is running.
  25. You should inspect the tyres more carefully.
  26. Stretched chains are indicative of chain wear. The chain should have no more than an inch between the bottom run and the sprockets.
  27. You should have a smooth steering wheel. Check for vibrations or play in the steering
  28. All gauges must be functional
  29. Take the bike out for a test drive. First, warm the engine. Then check if the throttle is working.
  30. You must ensure that the motorcycle is free from any leaks, particularly the transmission and engine.

Bottom Line

Now, motorcycles are our daily necessity. The bike has become an increasingly important part of our daily commute. Riding a bike can be likened to the greatest form of freedom. You can also save time and money by riding a motorcycle.


We trust that this page will help you find out more information about Bike Price, and give you a brief overview of all.  Follow all Bangladesh traffic rules and bike riding tips. Wear a helmet whenever you ride a motorbike. And, before buying a new motorcycle, be sure to check the Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to Ride a Motorcycle for the First Time?


Ans- Riding a motorcycle is not quite a big deal and that’s an easy job. To ride a motorcycle the first job is to get balances on two wheels. Typically keeping balance on two wheels is quite a technical job to be habituated with some practices. But when you are frequent on riding a bicycle it’s really so easy and a true fact of fun. 


2. Age for Riding a Bike in Bangladesh?


Ans- Consequently many of the peoples may ask his/her own, am I too young or too much aged for riding a bike? Doesn’t the too young or aged rider make any hazard on the road? So what is the age for riding a bike? Hence we tried to get the answers to these questions in our detailed discussion on Age for Riding a Bike


3. What Preparation Should We Take Before Starting a Long Trip with a Motorbike?


Ans- Before doing a long-distance ride we need some basic preparations to make the ride enjoyable and safe. When you ride safe and hassle-free than it gets more pleasurable and memorable. And with a perfect plan & preparation, you can travel alone for a long even on the unknown roads.


4. How to Ride a Motorcycle on Bangladeshi Highway – Five Things to Consider?


Ans- Motorcycle Ride on Highway; isn’t it sounds exciting! Yes, riding a motorcycle on the highway is so exciting and of course, it’s risky too. So before the ride take into consideration of our today’s advice, the five things to consider.


  • Ensure Healthy Capacity & Condition of Motorcycle
  • Take Proper Preparation with Safety Measures
  • Always Consider Weather Condition
  • Be Aware of Road Condition
  • Consider Restless Socio-Political Situation


5. How to Do A Wheelie??


Ans- A motorcycle wheelie is the most basic type of stunt. Being a stunt it’s also related to risks of injury. Therefore pulling the front wheel and riding keeping balance only on the rear wheel is really a matter of technique. Here is the sequence of a basic wheelie.


  • Start rolling in 1st or 2nd gear iat very low speed like 10-20kmph.
  • Pull the clutch lever and let the bike move free.
  • At the same time rev the throttle over the mid RPM and release fast the clutch lever.
  • The rear wheel will get extra power and lift up the front wheel.
  • Keep the throttle twisted and roll on balancing on the rear wheel.
  • Don’t forget to put your leg on the rear brake pedal to control the lift up and to land the front wheel again.