TVS XL-100 Price In Bangladesh

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৳ 59,900.00৳ 67,900.00

Engine Quality7
Service Center8


TVS XL-100 Price In BD


TVS XL 100  59,900 BDT
TVS XL 100 i-Touch  67,900 BDT
TVS XL-100 Price In Bangladesh
TVS XL-100 Price In Bangladesh

৳ 59,900.00৳ 67,900.00


7Expert Score

TVS XL-100 Price In BD

TVS XL 100  59,900 BDT
TVS XL 100 i-Touch  67,900 BDT
Engine Quality
Service Center

TVS XL-100 Price In Bangladesh And Overview


TVS XL 100 is a scooter/moped for commuting. The TVS XL 100 is a component of the TVS XL 100 lineup. This moped/scooter is extremely comfy compared to the previous model. That’s why it was given its name I-Touch. This type of moped/scooter is mainly popular for its capacity to store and transport loads. The scooters are popular with individuals working in the delivery services. This is why we are discussing the TVS XL 100. You can see all  TVS Bike Price in Bangladesh.

In its design, the TVS XL100 shares the same design as that of the XL100 series. In the I-Touch version, there are some improvements that came in a different way. Furthermore, the color scheme was different from the distinctive brand. Thus, as of now, seven color choices of this variant are available on the market.

In essence, it’s mounted on a sturdy steel frame, which is described as the on-bone frame. It was constructed very practical and straight. Additionally, any extra body panels and unnecessary exterior were avoided, so it focused only on the main body.

TVS is an Indian maker of motorcycles and has been producing two-wheelers since. They began by producing mopeds and have since become one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles within South Asia. TVS has also worked together with BMW Motorrad to make BMW motorcycles in India. TVS offers a wide range of renowned bicycles for commuters. Their most popular commuting bike is called the TVSXL100.

TVS XL100 In Brief

In its most basic form frame, it’s attached to an extremely sturdy steel frame that is known as the on-bone frame. It was built to be extremely efficient and straight. In addition, any additional externals, body or interiors not required to be focused on the central area.

The engine is placed beneath the bone. The top of the surface is smooth and covered with a solid steel plate. The plate is tough and creates a sturdy space that is between the feet of the rider and a tiny tilted fuel tank, as well as the seating. The space is able to store a storage bin or even a huge supply cage.

Furthermore, it’s an upright seat that is straight. The seat is comfy and is split into two parts. In this scenario, the seat for the rider is fixed, but the pillion seats can be removed. It could also be utilized as a carry-on for carrying heavy objects or gunny bags, depending on the items to be carried.

In addition, the bike is equipped with all legal street-legal features. It is equipped with a strong DC lamp and headlamp and the turn indicator, Horn, and a variety of other indicators. Its Analog ODO counters are simple to use and compact. The Sharee-Guard and mudguard and the crash-guard comprise everything that is carefully placed into place.

Key Feature

The TVS XL100 is a basic carrier scooter. It was designed to withstand heavy-duty carrying. This makes this scooter popular with delivery drivers. It has a large single seat. It also has ample area at the front to accommodate additional luggage. It also comes with a small rack for luggage at the rear. This isn’t enough, but it is noticeable.

The TVS XL 100 comes with an extremely basic instrument cluster. The instrument cluster includes an odometer, speedometer as well as a fuel gauge as well as other indicators that are required. Information that is not needed has been removed to allow room for an insert for keys and a USB output.

The TVS XL 100 comes in four different colors. These colors are:

Mint Blue.

Luster Gold.

Grey Black.

Red Black.

Each of the colors above comes with a sporty logo and decals.

Physical Attributes

As mentioned earlier, the TVS XL 100 comes with a small body designed to allow it to navigate through the traffic. The scooter has a weight of 89kg which is not much when it is about scooters. The scooter has the capacity to fuel up to 4liters and therefore long drives outside of the city will be an issue, however small detours away from the city will not cause any issues.

The length, height as well as width, and weight of the TVS XL 100 range from 1110mm, 2020mm, and 80kg. The scooter is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver even in traffic jams. The seat height of the scooter is 770mm, which allows any person over 5’2″ to comfortably ride it. The wheelbase is around 1215mm, which is adequate for such a type of scooter because it won’t hit the corners at speedy speeds.

Engine and Transmission

The TVS XL 100 comes with a single-cylinder 4-stroke along with a 99.7cc engine. Air-cooled, the engine. It comes with an electric self-start mechanism as well as an engine kick-starter. The engine produces 4.3BHP in power when it is running at 6500rpm as well as 6.5Nm of torque with 3500rpm. It’s not the most efficient in terms of performance, but it is predicted to achieve an average speed between 55 and 60kmpl.

The TVS XL 100 comes with a fully automated transmission system. There is no gear shift required when using this scooter. The scooter is predicted to be smooth in its acceleration on roads. It is expected to speed up to around 80kmph at the very least.

Brakes, Suspensions, and Wheels

The TVS XL 100 comes with a complete drum setup. The front wheel comes with drum brakes that are very disappointing. It has drum brakes on the back wheel. This is normal for scooters. If it had front discs and braking, the scooter would be very high among scooters in this class.

The TVS XL 100 has normal telescopic forks and spring-loaded twin shocks located at the front and rear respectively. The fork suspension in the front is expected to provide an adequate response, similar to other Telescopic suspensions.

However, since it’s a scooter, the movement from the telescopic wheels might not be as efficient as a motorcycle which means it could be more vulnerable to potholes that are common in cities. Its rear, spring-loaded “hydraulic” suspension may provide sufficient response in highway and city.

The TVS XL 100 also includes tubeless tires and alloy wheels. The front tire measures 2.5/16 It is anticipated to be able to handle the road. In the rear, it’s 2.5/16 which might not perform as well in high-speed braking or cornering because it is very thin.

Target Customer

The TVS XL 100 is an average-quality scooter. It’s comfy and simple enough for novices to get started on. This scooter is great for anyone seeking a low-cost option to get around on. The TVS XL 100 is perfect for delivery people. Follow the link for all available Bike Price In Bangladesh.


There are few scooters available in the 100-110cc area, which is why the competition for TVS Radeon TVS Radeon is considerably lower.

Znen Jog

Hero Pleasure

TVS Wego

Runner Skooty 110

This is everything in the TVS XL100 profile. The TVS XL 100 is solidly constructed with a well-designed, well-equipped scooter. It comes with plenty of pros and cons that bikers may think about switching to scooters. Its TVS XL 100 ticks many of the boxes that are required for those searching for a great scooter.

Additional information

Specification: TVS XL-100 Price In Bangladesh

1. Details

CC Category

100 cc


2. Engine & Transmission


Compression Ratio


Engine Cooling

Fuel Supply



Max Power

Max Torque

3. Dimensions
Fuel Tank Capacity

4 Liter

Ground Clearance

155 mm


1,110 mm

Overall Length

2,020 mm

Overall Width

750 mm


88 Kg


1,228 mm

4. Brakes, Wheels, & Suspensions
Braking System

Normal Braking System


Info Not Aavailable

Front Brake

Drum Brake

Front Suspension


Front Tyre

2.50 – 16 41L 6PR

Rear Brake

Drum Brake

Rear Suspension

Dual Spring

Rear Tyre

2.50 – 16 41L 6PR

Tyre Type

Tube Tyre

Wheel Type

Spoke Wheel

5. Top Speed and Mileage
Mileage (Average)

65+ (Approx.)

Top Speed

65 KM/H

6. Electricals

MF 12V

Connection Type



35W/35W Halogen


Halogen Bulb

7. Features
Engine Kill Switch


Fuel Gauge









59,900 BDT, 67,900 BDT

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